The joy of painting

Reinier Lucassen

ISBN: 978-949-299-5605
NUR: 646
Prijs: € 34,90
Uitvoering: hardcover
Formaat: 25 x 27 cm
Omvang: 176 pagina’s
Vormgeving:  Adri Colpaart


Lucassen’s body of work, built up over more than fifty years, includes paintings, drawings and collages made from items bought at the flea market. In his ‘modifications’ Lucassen not only gives discarded paintings, buttons, dolls and hair curlers a new life, he also gives them new meanings. Liberally drawing on the rich resources available in painting and literature, Lucassen creates associative combinations that alter the substance of the material he works with, melding different styles, and both figuration and abstraction. The exhibition at Kunstmuseum Den Haag will highlight the versatility and consistency in Lucassen’s work, from his earliest, coolly erotic paintings, to his most recent modifications. 

This extensive monograph aspires to encompass Lucassen’s entire body of work, comprising paintings, assemblages and modifications, including work not previously reproduced as a result of it having ‘disappeared’ into private collections as soon as the paint was dry. The publication thus provides an insight into five decades of Lucassen’s art. The lavishly illustrated book contains essays by Benno Tempel, Lucassen, Ron Kaal, Karel Schampers and Hans Janssen. 



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