Amsterdam Stories

with texts by Jan Paul Schutten

Jan Paul Schutten & Sieb Posthuma

ISBN: 978 94 93301 70 2
NUR: 640
Prijs: € 22,99
Uitvoering: gebonden
Aangekondigd: 11-12-2023
Formaat: 18 x 24 cm
Omvang: ca. 64 pagina’s
Omslagontwerp: Steef Liefting

A fun tour of the city from the comfort of your own sofa!

Sieb Posthuma loved Amsterdam. This can be seen in his countless illustrations with the city in a leading or supporting role. But also in the way he drew Amsterdam. With his own perspective and his characteristic style in which he captured the city’s beauty, atmosphere and sometimes even its madness.

Jan Paul Schutten wrote the texts for these illustrations. About notable Amsterdammers, strange events and funny facts about the buildings, places and objects that everyone in the city encounters every day. Where do those crazy amsterdammetjes come from? Who used to paint next to Atlas on the roof of the Royal Palace on Dam Square? Why did some of the most important dignitaries behave like hooligans during an opera performance?

Amusing and informative short essays that are interesting to every Amsterdammer and visitor to the city.

‘Original, funny and powerful.’
– The Gouden Griffel jury on Kinderen van Amsterdam

‘A feast of a book that keeps you browsing.’
– From the jury report for the Gouden Penseel about Een vijver vol inkt